Sophisticated Suspense and more . . .

Zero Emissions . . . a green thriller

Auto entrepreneur Michael Antonelli’s groundbreaking idea for the Holy Grail of energy, a green gas with almost no impact on the environment, needs an exceptional patent lawyer. Why not Julia Darcy, who just left a top-notch firm?  She cost him millions in an unrelated lawsuit and her fledgling enterprise must need clients. But she baulks when he contacts her until he divulges what he intends to patent.


She swallows her skepticism for the patent opportunity of a lifetime, if it’s real. But once she's tossed down an office stairwell, Antonelli suspects this is the opening gambit for someone out to steal his process. He no longer wants her involved.  She insists she wants the job, even with her jaws wired shut from the ‘accident.’ A lawyer who can't talk? He'd be nuts to agree. Still, her spunk shows she'll work her butt off to patent his biofuel.  Unless it's Julia's guts and crooked smile that appeals too much . . .


He relents and enlists his mafia uncle to keep an eye on her. Big mistake when his estranged teenaged daughter is snatched instead.  The rescue his uncle plans relies on Julia's participation. But can it get his daughter back?  And what’s at risk for Michael, Julia, the biofuel, and their escalating attraction if it fails?


Read Zero Emissions to find out!


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“'If this is how it feels to tell the truth, no wonder so many people lie.' So begins ZERO EMISSIONS, pulling us into this 'green thriller' that combines high-stakes excitement with characters who have psychological depth, who live and love and breathe (and think!)."

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