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Crossing Paths . . . contemporary fiction

Blackmailed, her career shattered, Merideth Bradley needs a job fast – the further from NYC the better.  A British landowner raising funds to keep his historic estate in private hands embraces her idea for a cross-continental Georgian Ball.  In England's remote Peak District she’s lulled into believing her earlier mistakes will recede, until she’s betrayed again when the property abruptly falls to the owner’s heir.  Robert, the carefree climber from the local pub she's been sharing hikes and kisses with on weekends, never disclosed he was next in line to inherit.  Worse yet, he’s not sure whether to keep or sell this special house Meri’s come to love.  She consents to finish out her consulting contract, and while Robert determines the fate of the estate, she contrives to keep her past hidden.  But the attraction between them grows every day, and when the sudden appearance of her ex-lover triggers an unexpected catastrophe, Meri must decide if she’s ready to risk everything by telling Robert the truth.  You can run but you can't hide!  Click here to purchase:  Buy Now!

“A wonderfully woven story line with well-defined characters.”

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