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Risking the World . . . a biological thriller

Kidnapped in Morocco to help weaponize a killer TB, American scientist Claire Ashe says flat out 'No,' an answer that triggers a chain of shattering events.  For starters it pits her against David Ruskin, a British arms dealer, and Varat, the mastermind behind the plot.  She doesn't know David's a British intelligence officer sent to unravel Varat's plans or that he's secretly intent on personal vengeance against Varat. When David's forced to flee with Claire, his mission a failure on every count because he intervened in her near rape, things get more than a little complicated.  Soon death, betrayal, and career suicide become part of a shared reality that puts their already frayed trust in each other to the test. When the first TB attack strikes a Paris nursery school and all the kids die, their cooperation is as vital as their mounting attraction is dangerous.  They reach a boiling point when his goal to end the game at any cost goes against her conviction that the exacting science needed to find an antidote is the only thing that will save the day.  Who wins and at what price?  Read Risking the World to find out!  Click here to purchase:  Buy Now!

"London, Paris, Morocco & NYC set stage for bioterror plot told with intelligence, wit, and compassion. Smart, strong characters race against very real threat and enigmatic foes." - Amazon 5*

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