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We Are Dorian Paul

Dorian Paul is Dorrie Parini and Paul LaFerriere, writing partners and spouses.  We met at a small consulting firm prior to starting our own science writing company, and before taking the plunge into wedded bliss.  Talk about entrepreneurial risk!   We worked together, mostly on the same page, providing Fortune 100 pharmaceutical and biotech companies with accurate and cutting-edge science information for their markets.  Along the way our little endeavor collected over 100 writers, artists, designers and computer specialists.  We sold it, but couldn't stop writing together so we turned to fiction.  Our first two books had a science twist.  Risking the World, a biotech thriller, was an Amazon Bestseller in suspense.  Zero Emissions followed and focused on a bio-engineered green gasoline that burns clean.  Crossing Paths, our latest novel, takes a different turn into contemporary fiction within an historical English country house setting.  All of our books bring to life the adventure of a man and woman working side-by-side in a start-up enterprise, and the joys and trials of mixing work and love in unexpected ways.  Try one of our novels if you're looking for a unique read!
What Readers Say About Our Books

Risking the World

“If you want your thrillers to be intelligent, with believable, vivid characters, you’ll want this book.”

Zero Emissions

“I read it in two days.  It was different from anything I’ve read.  Completely believable.”

Crossing Paths

“A great read, wonderful descriptions, great characters, and a deftly interwoven story.”